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April 2017

Vape Jam 2017

By No Limits Blogs 2 Comments

Vape Jam, alike many other vape expos, had all the excitement, wonder and awe of every other expo. However, Vape Jam three had a little extra anticipation and mystery around the dawning TPD. With the TPD right around the corner, it was easy to see every one queuing up was almost dreading what hid behind the curtain. Was today all going to be about getting rid of naughty big bottles or showcasing there new compliant stock?

Vape Jam, with 159 stalls, had nearly every flavour possible under the sun, countless devices and a pretty overwhelming atmosphere with every 10th stall pumping out music and offering their cream of the crop. Funnily enough, the first stall we stopped at was solely focusing on getting shot of their 30 and 60ml bottles with no intention of becoming a compliant brand, which set a very confusing tone as we embarked on our tour around the expo. From that point on, all that was visible was 10ml complaint stock (which for many high VG clouders is quite the pain).

I walked into jam expecting all vendors to be throwing out their soon to be non compliant stock, but much to my surprise it was quite the opposite. Only a handful of vendors, with no intention of going compliant, were getting rid of their naughty big bottles. Every one else on the other hand could not wait to flaunt their compliant stock, and even the majority of testers and samples packs came in 10ml bottles. Which for me was quite the downer especially after attending Vaper Expo the year before and being thrown 60ml bottles to try their product; which is far more enticing, in my opinion.

For me the biggest part of an expo is trying the juices! Walking through the archway and knowing that there is a world full of flavour awaiting a head of you is like being a kid a fair ground and wanting to go on every single ride. Compared to other expos I had attended, there was a massive increase in cold, Malaysian (and even compliant) juices. This came as a shock to me as I had predicted that most Malaysian companies had such a desire for their Liquids that they wouldn’t need to go complaint, especially with all the extra costs of finalising the product.