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Mrs Zee


The Hostage





Robyn… ROY

(The Wizard)

So, as the co-owner of this business, you would expect some fancy spiel from me at this point about my background, my passion for vaping, company mission statements etc. etc…

Normally renowned for my fairly forthright approach to life in general, I’m not going to bore you with a load of bullshit propaganda; I’m not standing for Prime Minister, I just want to give you an honest overview of our business generally.

I’m a former Environmental Health Officer; I’ve been married to Adam for 13 years; I have 3 children (I gave birth to 2 and adopted 1); I have 2 dogs and a chameleon. I’ve never smoked and I don’t vape.

We have successfully run a vibrant little vape shop in Morecambe called Up in Smoke for over 3 years, which has provided us with a wealth of knowledge about vaping generally and is the backbone to our online e-liquid business, No Limits.

Although still in it’s infancy, No Limits is growing rapidly and we have had an amazing response in the short time we’ve been on the ‘scene’. What I have realised is the sense of community that exists in the world of vaping, and this very much reflects the way that I run the business. I believe very strongly that no one person is any more important than the next and that kindness and respect cost nothing.

I’m not a fan of boundaries and I’m often considered to be a bit of a rebel. When someone tells me that something can’t be done then I generally make it my mission to prove them wrong. I don’t tick boxes and I believe that we all create our own limits, hence why I named the Company “No Limits”.

I am incredibly fortunate to be working with an amazingly diverse and talented group of people and I believe that our success comes not just from great e-liquid but from great team effort, passion and integrity.

Oh yeah, the reason they call me the wizard is because I create all of the recipes for our e-liquid.

Adam… ADZ

(Cloud King)

Having spent 13 years as a firefighter, my lightbulb moment for opening a vape shop came whilst travelling around Wales in our motorhome and being forced to go outside every time I wanted to smoke.

Being a lifelong smoker, my first e-cig was a 650 mAh ego type, bought from an e-cig shop in Aberystwth. To my surprise, it helped massively and I didn’t smoke cigarettes again!

When we returned home to Morecambe, I realised that my options were very limited when it came to liquids and tanks as there were very few vape shops in the area. From then, the seed was planted and Up in Smoke opened it’s doors soon after.

These days, I leave the day to day running of the business to my lovely wife and our amazing team. I spend my days doing merchandise and fixing things. Having a keen interest in the industry, I am constantly researching new products and I also ensure that the products we sell are compliant within the TPD regulations.


(Mr Zee)

Hi I’m Mike, I started to use e-cigarettes about 6 years ago. Unfortunately, due to poor knowledge of the products and poor advice from the shops I was going to, I failed time and time again.

In October 2015 I decided that it was time to try again. My friend had recently taking up “vaping” and said that it was different to using e-cigarettes. I reluctantly tried his, expecting to cough and splutter but I didn’t. From that point I haven’t looked back. I feel healthier than I have done in a long time and it’s also become a little bit of a hobby.

I love entering cloud competitions and do relatively well. I keep trying to learn how to do tricks but they’re very feeble.

I started working at Up in Smoke in April 2017, my title is Operations Manager. Job satisfaction is ridiculously positive. I love working with the team we have here at Up in Smoke. Other than vaping I play pool for Lancaster city in a regional league.

I have three perfect children, a beautiful wife, two tabby cats and a 1 year old ‘Jug’ dog. One day I plan to live on a tropical island with my perfect little family.



I’m Jack, I’ve been working at Up in Smoke coming on two and a half years, if not longer!! I can truly say it’s the best time I’ve ever had.

In my spare time I enjoy riding my BMX at skate parks all round the country, or any extreme sport – anything to give me a buzz!!

People know me in the shop as the “trick guy”, dunno why 😉 – you’ll have to pop in and see for yourself or check out my videos on the website.

My aim is to give the best service possible. We are all very clued up and know the ins and outs of a fart!

That’s all there is to me.. see you soon


(Tay Tay)

My names Jay and I’m the newby. I used to work in a pub for 3 years. I’ve been part of the No Limits team for about 6 months. I started vaping about 2 years ago to stop me from smoking on nights out and I’ve been vaping ever since!



Hello, my names Beth and I just adore my pets! In my spare time I enjoy teaching at a local drama school and love performing myself! I’ve been vaping for about a year and a half and just can’t get enough of fantasy. Even though I’m quite new to the No Limits team I love working with such fun and positive people and feel a big part of the family! Can’t wait to see what the future holds… #NoLimitsFam


(The Italian)

Hi, my names Tom, but more commonly known as ‘Lestan’. Easily recognised by my ripped jeans and unusual lingo…. NECTAR. I’m a pizza and pasta loving vape head with a pallet for tongue slapping creamy and ‘puddingy’ vapes. I occasionally enjoy a skate but there is nothing I love more than chilling out with my lizards and having a good crack with the rest of the No Limits Fam!

I’m in love with my job and couldn’t ask for better people to work with.

“That liquid’s peng mate”.


(Mrs Zee)

Hey, my name is Kelly. I am rather new to the team at Up in Smoke but I’ve been part of the family for a while now. I stopped smoking and started vaping when I fell pregnant with my little boy and haven’t looked back since. Family is my world and I couldn’t be more happier at the fact I now have a larger family with the Up in Smoke team. In my spare time, I like to spend it with the kids playing and making memories.



Hiya, I’m Michael, I’m 18 and I’m a little bit special and always happy. I’ve smoked for 4 years and tried vaping about a year ago. There’s not much to me really other than working with an amazing team at Up in Smoke and enjoying my weekends going out. I’m currently at college doing a level 3 course in construction and working part-time at Up in Smoke.


(The Hostage)

My name’s Tommo and I’m the resident dickhead. I belong to the owner. Please help me.



Hi, my name is Jack and I am 18. I have been working with the No Limits team for a while now. I smoked for about 4 or 5 years and tried vaping about two years ago. Other than working with the No Limits team part-time, I am studying a level 2 electrical installation course at college.