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The Wizard


Cloud King






Lestan Sr.


The Hostage






Big A-dog


Little Lestan

Robyn… ROY

(The Wizard)

So, as the co-owner of this business, you would expect some fancy spiel from me at this point about my background, my passion for vaping, company mission statements etc. etc…

Normally renowned for my fairly forthright approach to life in general, I’m not going to bore you with a load of bullshit propaganda; I’m not standing for Prime Minister, I just want to give you an honest overview of our business generally.

I’m a former Environmental Health Officer; I’ve been married to Adam for 13 years; I have 3 children (I gave birth to 2 and adopted 1); I have 2 dogs and a chameleon. I’ve never smoked and I don’t vape.

We have successfully run a vibrant little vape shop in Morecambe called Up in Smoke for over 3 years, which has provided us with a wealth of knowledge about vaping generally and is the backbone to our online e-liquid business, No Limits.

Although still in it’s infancy, No Limits is growing rapidly and we have had an amazing response in the short time we’ve been on the ‘scene’. What I have realised is the sense of community that exists in the world of vaping, and this very much reflects the way that I run the business. I believe very strongly that no one person is any more important than the next and that kindness and respect cost nothing.

I’m not a fan of boundaries and I’m often considered to be a bit of a rebel. When someone tells me that something can’t be done then I generally make it my mission to prove them wrong. I don’t tick boxes and I believe that we all create our own limits, hence why I named the Company “No Limits”.

I am incredibly fortunate to be working with an amazingly diverse and talented group of people and I believe that our success comes not just from great e-liquid but from great team effort, passion and integrity.

Oh yeah, the reason they call me the wizard is because I create all of the recipes for our e-liquid.

Adam… ADZ

(Cloud King)

Having spent 13 years as a firefighter, my lightbulb moment for opening a vape shop came whilst travelling around Wales in our motorhome and being forced to go outside every time I wanted to smoke.

Being a lifelong smoker, my first e-cig was a 650 mAh ego type, bought from an e-cig shop in Aberystwth. To my surprise, it helped massively and I didn’t smoke cigarettes again!

When we returned home to Morecambe, I realised that my options were very limited when it came to liquids and tanks as there were very few vape shops in the area. From then, the seed was planted and Up in Smoke opened it’s doors soon after.

These days, I leave the day to day running of the business to my lovely wife and our amazing team. I spend my days doing merchandise and fixing things. Having a keen interest in the industry, I am constantly researching new products and I also ensure that the products we sell are compliant within the TPD regulations.


(The wicked trick wizard)

Hello my names Jack I’m from morecambe, I have worked at Up In Smoke 4 odd years now.

I’m an easy going guy who loves to ride my bmx and drive my racecar! If you need anything vape related, I can help! Or if you’ve dropped or knocked your mod, I can probably fix it… come and see me. I love tinkering with stuff making weird and wonderful items; and I now rap!! Sorry its not spitting bars, its customisable wraps for e-cigs.



Hi my name is Beth.

I have been working at No Limits for 2 years now and what a two years it has been! I never thought I would fit into the No Limits team as well as I have but it has been some of my best years yet; we are just one massive family! I have been given some great opportunities over the years which has made me so much stronger.
In my spare time I love teaching at a local musical theatre academy with one of my good friends. Vaping is now a huge part of my life and I love helping people make that switch! #Nolimitsfam


(Lestan Sr.)

Hi, my names Tom, but I’m known as Lestan. My role at No Limits is to annoy the Roy! 

I first started working in the vape industry when I asked to do some voluntary flyering for Up in Smoke in the Summer of 2016. Luckily enough for me, someone failed to turn up to work and I was offered a shift. After doing a couple of shifts in the shop, I was gripped by the fascinating world of vaping and how electronic cigarettes could be used to help people quit smoking. 

More than anything, I was amazed at the flavours you could get in e-liquid, so I snapped up the opportunity to work in the lab. The Wizard trained me well, and I developed a love and talent for crafting flavours of my own!

I have a beautiful girlfriend, Beth (she works for No Limits too!); two stunning lizards, a weird cat and an amazing extended family that is No Limits.

I love being a bit of a clown! I enjoy playing card and video games and I always enjoy a good plateful of food.

I pour myself into everything I do. Whats the point in half doing something? I love a challenge too. I never work a day in my life and my glass is half full. I have learnt a lot in the past 3/4 years personally and professionally, and I look forward to many more years of growth.

I couldn’t be surrounded by better people, and I consider the No Limits team to be my family. I have so much love not just for the business, but for the people in it too!



(The Hostage)

My name’s Tommo and I’m the resident dickhead. I belong to the owner. Please help me.



Hi, my name is Jack I am 20, I have been working with the No Limits team for a while now. I smoked for about 5 or 6 years and tried vaping about four years ago. Other than working with the no limits team part time, I am also studying level 3 electrical installation at college.




My names Katie and I am a new member of the No Limits team, you will have more than likely seen me in the shop annoying my colleagues! I currently work in the lab and occasionally in the shop. I play a lot of playstation in my free time!

Im looking forward to making you guys some awesome flavours so keep an eye out!!


(Big A-dog)

I’m Amber. I’ve been Vaping for about 2 years and I’ve been at No Limits for about 6 months now. In my free time I do freelance photography, mainly automotive. Not only do I love to shoot cars but I also enjoy working on them too.


(Little Lestan)

Hello, my name is Giacomo and I have been working for the No Limits team for a year now.

I’m really good at smashing my head off of surfaces and being my big brother’s guinea pig. I enjoy vinyling and making shop apparel for the the rest of the team. In my spare time, I love to play Call of Duty on Playstation and dedicate my time to annoying my girlfriend. #LittleLestan