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Vaper expo UK 2017

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May bank holiday weekend brought us another exciting event on the events calendar. Entering their 3rd year, vape expo was upon us. Staying at the NEC in Birmingham but changing rooms was needed due to the exhibition growing in size and capacity every time. With the May show being the first of two scheduled events per year, Vaper Expo has become one of the top trade shows in the UK and Europe, with vapers, brands, manufacturers coming from far and wide to be part of the vaping experience.

I attended the B2B day on Friday 26th May 2017. I saw hundreds of fellow vapers descend upon the NEC in anticipation of trying new flavours and devices wanting to find a new favourite. This was the first vape meet in Europe after the dreaded TPD had kicked in and I was interested in what routes the smaller companies had taken.

The whole day felt different to me compared to last few I’ve been to. You could feel the solidarity in the room and the support that companies were offering each other was completely different. Maybe the TPD has something to do with this. Maybe people are working a lot more together now because of the new regulations that came in force on the 20th May 2017.

I was quite surprised when I saw the amount of companies going down the ‘shake and vape’ (adding a nacho) route. Clearly the TPD has scared no-one off.

I felt the whole day was a great success and I’m very excited for the next one. I may even look at a foreign expo later on in the year.


Until next time, vape safe!!!!!!!